This is an unofficial clone of “Ball Revamped 4: Amplitude” by jmtb02 studios.

Release notes:

– This clone uses RIPPED media from the original flash game. They were initially just placeholders, but then this project died and I wanted to get it out. Sorry John Cooney, please don’t sue.
– Since this still uses the old luaplayer 0.16 for speed, it requires the 1.5 kernel. If you want, you could try running it with a modded luaplayer, but it probably won’t run full-speed.
– There are only 29 levels, and there is no saving or level codes. As I said, this never got finished.
– If people are going to start sharing levels, be careful on which levels you run. Since they’re straight dofiles, they could potentially harm your files and your PSP. (Though theoretically the worst they could do is delete files on your MS)
– Since about 90% of the code was written when I was a lua n00b, it is messy, inefficient and organised.
– You can use whatever you want from the code for whatever you want, but I would appreciate you not bytecoding it and giving me a shout as to what it will be used for.