Basilisk II is an Open Source 68k Macintosh emulator.

Release notes:

Okay Wally, I know you’ve been waiting…

Here’s a test build. It’s not meant to be used, it’s for feedback on the GUI mainly. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t work – it boots my 8.0 CD just fine. It’s just not usable yet due to limitations.

Ignore the crappy refresh routines – I’ll be replacing them entirely in the next few days. I just used enough of a stretch blit to be able to see something to be certain the emu is running.

Currently, the analog stick is the mouse, with LTRIGGER/RTRIGGER as the buttons. The d-pad is the cursor keys, and X is ENTER. I’ll eventually have denzef keyboard and pspirkeyb support, as well as the ability to remap the buttons when in that mode. As I mentioned, this is just a test.

The only volume you can select is the cdrom. You can select hardfiles, but they aren’t remembered or used (yet). I’ll put a floppy selector in there as well tomorrow or the next day.

The default directory for roms is “roms”, the default dir for floppys is “disks” (and floppies should all have an extension of .dsk), the default dir for cdroms is “cdroms”, and hardfiles is “hardfiles”. It doesn’t mean they HAVE to be in those directories, but that is where the file requester will go first.

I allow three Mac resolutions – 512×384, 640×480, and 768×576. You can select four different depths – 4bit, 8bit, 16bit, and 32bit. At the moment, the video is also hardcoded to only display on the LCD. I’ll change that when I change the refresh routines.

The binary here is currently set for small memory so I could check how it would work on a phat – you can get up to 16M on a phat and 44M on the slim (not with this build – with a build set for large memory).

Anywho, here’s the current test build and src arcs.

Thanks to for the news.