Basilisk II is an Open Source 68k Macintosh emulator.

Release notes:

Hope you’re not superstitious! Here’s test 13. Now uses AppleDouble format instead of B2 format on the memstick. This is the format Apple uses to write files to non-HFS format disks. In this format, you have two files for each file you see on the desktop: the first has the regular name and holds the data fork – note that this file may be 0 bytes long, but still MUST exist; the second file will have “._” prepended to the regular name and holds the finder info and resource fork. They should be in the same place – if you’ve gotten a zip from the 68kShrine, you’ll notice both those files are present, but in different directories. I don’t know why – maybe zip does that. Just copy the files into the same directory. For example, when you copy the glider files, you’ll have these in the same directory:

“Glider 3.14”
“._Glider 3.14”

Also, directories can have finder info as well, so after running this on the memstick, you’ll find “._files” in the main B2 directory. That is the AppleDouble file that holds the finder info for the main directory “files/”. That is normal.

I noticed there is a problem with the B2 external filesystem where it won’t write to the memstick. I first noticed it on the new code, so I went back to the old and it was there as well. I added logging to the code and found it’s a problem in B2, not my external filesystem. I might look into it more later.

Anyhow, see how you like this as opposed to the B2 filesystem.

Thanks to for the news.