Basilisk II is an Open Source 68k Macintosh emulator.

Release notes:

No. The mac is not designed to run at less than 512×384. Using anything smaller WILL cause problems. Besides, if you can’t read the 512×384 display in 16:9 (so it’s using the full 480×272), you need reading glasses. Not my problem. Perhaps you should get a 104″ HDTV and a Slim PSP. 😛 😀

The fact of the matter is, most Mac software (color games in particular) are written for a minimum of 640×480. I suggest people run it in that mode most of the time. You can switch resolutions on the fly with this version of Basilisk, so feel free to do so, switching down to 512×384 when you need to read something that is “too small”.

Okay, here’s test 16. Made a few more changes to the timing, and now I support suspend/resume. The only thing that shouldn’t work after resume is the network. I might add that later. I’m not very motivated on that front right now.

Just a reminder to people who haven’t bothered reading the Basilisk docs – the external filesystem used to read the memstick requires System 7.6 or newer.