Author release notes:

This is my test build of my game, its basic, and is not meant to be any more than a test to get ideas/feedback for now. Its very short, and is a work in progress, don’t expect anything amazing just yet.

The aim of my game is to be as open, and easy to edit as possible. All graphics, and maps can be edited easily enough.

I’m posting this mainly because I am looking for some testers, and feedback for certain things, but also because my image editing skills are pritty awful (as you will see), and I am trying to find someone who would be willing to make the .png files for the game.

The contents should include:
– readme.txt, which is rather long, but can be skipped unless you want to read the instructions on the debug menu, and see the future updates etc.

– poll.txt, which is sort of a feedback form, just choose the options that you want, and e-mail it to me.

– mapkey.txt, a small key to what symbols should be used in the .map files.

– maplayout.txt, a set of instructions on how the .map files should be made.

–, a blank template of a map file in an easy layout.

– ms0 folder, containing the main loader, 2 quest modules, all the images, and the 2 .map files.