Birdmans Shooter is, as the name already contains, an arcade style shooter for PSP.


– A sleek new interface
– Gameover screen changed
– New options screen
– Options and high scores are saved
– 10 backgrounds, 5 bullet colors, and 11 player’s ship colors
– Fixed some glitches with the powerups
– Next level doesn’t come until all bullets are gone
– Ability to end game when paused
– Ability to quit from main menu
– Best high score is displayed on titlebar (instead of level)
– Personal best (ignores preset scores) is shown on main menu
– New high score table that displays: score, level, and accuracy for top 10
– 10 preset high scores to try to beat
– New bonus level with stats screen
– Increased enemy speeds for beginning levels
– Slightly decreased enemy bullet speed
– Increased player’s bullet speed
– Changed powerup texture
– Powerup falls a little less often
– Completly revamped scoring system
– Scores are slightly based off of accuracy
– New loading screen with loading bar
– Paused text, level intro, and 3,2,1 are now images
– Level intro is now displayed in realtime
– No more 3,2,1 at level begin (only when you die)
– Spare lives are displayed on titlebar instead of total
– Scores now use commas for thousands
– Fixed a glitch with 3,2,1 when dying on last enemy bullet
– Enemy bullets come directly out of the tip of the enemy
– Bullets from top row enemies are shown underneath the front row enemies
– You can now fire using the O button or R trigger
– New powerup that slows enemies for a few seconds
– Fixed a glitch when having no score or no accuracy at game over
– Fixed some glitches with the player’s bullets
– Enemies are less likely to fire multiple rounds in a row’s-shooter-v13/4252