BOXHEAD: PSP STYLE is a clone of Sean Cooper’s ( ) flash game series Boxhead: The Zombie Wars, a Top-Down Shoot-em-up game.


– 8 Different Weapons
– 90+ Weapon Upgrades
– 2 Types of Enemies
– 3 huge maps each with their own highscore
– 3 Difficulties, each harder then the last
– Enable or Disable Devils (drastically makes game easier)
– Play your own MP3s and Atrac Files right from your /MUSIC/ or /PSP/MUSIC/ folders
– Interactive Menu – walk to your destination
– Built-In Game Guide with controls, etc.
– Good ‘stereo’ audio experience (explosions happen left of you , you’ll hear them left of you out of the left speaker respectively, with all the action going on it is hard to forget about)