Bumper Harvest is a tribute to a very popular (and very addictive) casual game for the PC.


Use the D-Pad to aim the ball launcher left and right.
Hold down L to fine-tune your aiming.
Fire the ball by pressing X.
As the ball hits the small bumpers, they light up and are removed from the
field. Hit all the red bumpers to progress to the next level.

Red bumpers are worth 200 points; all others are worth 100 points.
Green bumpers give you 3 targeting guides each. There are two on each level.
Hold down R while aiming to use a targeting guide.
Guides are not saved between levels, so use ’em or lose ’em.
The yellow bumper gives you a bonus score multiplier. There is one on each level. All bumpers hit after the yellow bumper on the current shot are worth 10 times their normal score.
There are also two fixed bumpers on each level which are simply obstacles, and two active bumpers which give the ball a boost.
At the bottom of the screen is the return chute, which gives you a free ball if the ball lands in it at the end of the shot.