The autor of Cave Dig PSP released a bunch of new screenshots and some work in progress information.


Though i’d drop by, and post a few more screenshots with this game, still not ready to be released, but is almost there, Screen Shots Below.

Ive been workin on this alot latley, after re-writing it twice over the past week (after running into memory and speed issues in lua (note: coded in lua as a prototype, later to be coded in C))

Ive finally got everything running smoothly again, but still have a few more things to add in, see below.

* Need to re-work current enemy, and add another 2 (for now)
* Need to add bubbles (similar to balloons, but if they touch you while floating up, or are touched by a monster, they pop, but the player can push these bubbles from side to side, like a balloon)
* Need to add some Animations in (player dieing, player entering level, player exiting level)
* Need to re-work the map file, to allow for later adding objects/enemys too.
* Need to make teleports able to shoot you out of one side of the screen and into the oppisite side.
* Need to add a function that allows you to switch places with an object, so if you push a rock upside an edge, you can switch places with it, and push it back.
* Need to fix up the Edging around the blocked tiles (half coded)

Thats all i can think of off the top of my head, bound to have missed some.