Luke Spalding released a “Christman Pacman” man to the PSP community.

Release notes:

hi everybody im luke spalding
As u can see i am a newby here and when it comes to LUA.
Finished the game and here is the link to it, its uploaded onto megaupload

In the game you have to catch the ballballs to score points and it all decorated christmassy lol
its been create 100% on psp lol using diffrent apps and it for 1.5FW i created it using 3.71m33 with 1.5 addon so just drag the two CPM and CPM% to the game150 folder and you away D PAD for moving left and right and start for pause menu.
the highest i have got my score to was 1324 so tell me if u beat that!!!!!
PS its 100% LUA so if u want to mess around with it or anything go ahead!!

hope you all like it and have fun oh and

Luke Spalding