“Grab Consoles” and earn points.


Things done:
* New menu system, meaning less images and less errors due to overloading the memory.
* New game modes (see below)
* Speed changing made unlockable in normal mode
* Ending game menu now acpets d pad down to restart instead of x so you will see the prompt properly.
* Spereate score documents.
* Redone instructions menu.
* No more random crashes.

New modes:
* Sony – grab only Sony consoles, anything else looses points.
* Microsoft – grab only Microsoft consoles, anything else looses points.
* Nintendo – grab only Nintendo consoles, anything else looses points.
* Normal – as before but hand speed changing is unlocked at 2000 points and console speed changing at 5000.
* Avoidance – try not to touch any consoles for the longest time possible, more time = more points.
* Time attack – each console grabbed gets points and extra time.