Alienware, creator of CoverFlow, didn’t like his previous release (2.5) and decided to go on with development.



I’ve updated Coverflow,cus I didnt like the 2.5 version.
I created a intro ,loading screen, rearreanged the covers layeout to match more like the real coverflow of iphone (7 covers on screen instead of 3),added new play, puse, stop buttons, also added volume and screen buttons for novelty.Added new icon and background pic in the EBOOT
It looks more realistic,it feels FLOW,CoverFlow.
As before,it saves the cover art images loaded from ID3 Tags to the covers folder for faster loading. So it needs a very long time (2s for one mp3) to load at the first time, but then it is very fast (1/2 s for one mp3) . I have also removed known bugs.Only tested on PSP SLIM.

Here is the download link:

TIP:instead of having entire mp3 albums,just put your favorite tracks per album,it works better (why put entire album when you will be listening to only 1 to 4 song per artist/album). Use CoverFlow 3.0 for your favorite songs only,and put the mp3’s in the MUSIC folder.

Have fun…