CSPortable, which stands for Counter Strike Portable, is a Conter Strike fangame based upon a ported Quake 1 engine.

Release notes:

-Kill with Headshots + Sounds someone saying HEADSHOT
-Bombtimer set to 30 seconds
-Weapon sizes and positons are better now
-Progress bar while trowing grenades
-New Reload code
-If player dead lose all weapons
-Added 2 Control configs
-Added VWeapon and Player Model Lighting
-Added New Bot
-MaxPlayers Changed to 8
-Transparent Hud
-Silencer for M4A1 & USP
-Weapon Animations
-New Controls
-New Sounds
-Manually Reload
-Automatic Reload
-Start Money 50$
-Earn Money (doublekill, multikill…….)
-Progress bar while planting bomb
-New Player Model
-New Player Animations (swim)
-Custom Ingame Menu
-Change crosshair color from options menu

Maps Done:
-De_cbble (by dark chazz)
-De_Train (by dark chazz)
-De_Nuke (by dark chazz)