For those of you who would like the functionality of Team M33’s firmware on your Sony PSP without actually installing it (either because you don’t want to or have a model you can’t flash) here is Xenogears’s and Becus25’s Custom Firmware Enabler which will allow you to. Using the ChickHEN exploit you can install a lot of M33 type features which now includes the ability to boot POPS (PS1 games) under ChickHEN. While this is compatible with ChickHEN is sadly won’t work on PSP-3000 consoles.


* Fixed bug that prevented either activate the plugins.
* Fixed bug that prevented version and patching of the hen to leave a game.
* Improved system pops, now you can install a flash version (whatever that is 5.00)
* Fixed a bug that prevented either activate the plugins.
* Improved detection system version, you can install over previous versions (not recommended).
* Improved detection system model, no longer crashes with modified versions of the hen (original versions are recommended to avoid problems.)
* Fixed a bug that crashed into the setup menu randomly.
* Improved the patching system ChickHEN.
* It is not necessary that the folder is called CFWEnabler.

Thanks to brakken / for the news and newstext! 🙂