“Custom Firmware Extender” is a set of plugins that will add some extra option to your SONY PSP.


– Removed usb/wifi ISO streaming for multiples reason, principaly it was not the goal of cfe at the beginning.
There is now “USB ISO Loader” by psp.padawan that will do the job well. You should soon be able to grab it from www.mydedibox.fr/~psppadawan/
– 390m33-2 and 150_340TM custom firmware now supported (cfe should now work on any firmware), note that on the 150_340 time machine firmware, the ftpd server will not work, and remotejoy under ISO/HOMEBREWS won’t work too for now. All other functions should work well.
– Time Machine compatibility : You can now reboot “on the fly” from one time machine firmware to another, just edit the cfe.config file under “ms0:/seplugins/cfe/” to choose which firmware you will reboot to by pressing a combo button. Format is the same as the original time machine configuration file. Default configuration is NOTE+LEFT => reboot to 150_340 firmware, NOTE+RIGHT => normal reboot (NAND).
– Remotejoy fixed to work on both slim and phat psp, without savegame bugs, so it should now be completely usable for gaming and recording.
– Tested on 390m33-2 and 150_340TM firmware on SLIM and PHAT psp.