Cpasjuste updated his Custom Firmware Extender.


– The Time Machine reboot function should now be fixed … stupid error i made. Note that the function is only made for use with NAND firmware and 150_340 one, with the TM files provided in this archive. If you want to use it with another firmware than 150_340, you will have to edit your firmware files manually to add the cfe_vsh.prx and cfe_game.prx plugins (TM/fw/pspbtcnf.txt and TM/fw/pspbtcnf_game.txt).
– Fixed some little bugs in the music player, and found the reason why it was not working for all the people. If the psp hang while loading the music menu, you should apply the dark_alex 3.71 fatmsmod.prx patch, it should fix all the problem’s. You can download it from my server: