Cpasjuste updated his Custom Firmware Extender.


– Removed the USB autostart feature since the 5.00 fw include a similar function.
– Fixed a bug that prevented the auto-sleep and backlight auto-off features to work.
– Combo button’s are back (change the cpu/brightness, take screenshots with a quick combo key).
– Fully configurable via the menu, changes can be saved. Note that there is now a different configuration file for game and vsh modes.
– Usb streaming recoded, based on the great work of Poison (hostcore). PC hard drive is redirected to the PSP, alowing streaming of homebrews, music, videos, and isos in any mode (sony, m33, umd..). Just select “Remap usb to ms” in the menu then browse your games like you usally do.
– Music player improved, can now be completly stopped from the menu, and/or properly restarted with another music directory source.
– PSP phat compatibility added, but in-game music player is removed for now (not tested).
– Gui colors configurable via the configuration files (“game.cfg” and “vsh.cfg”) in ABGR hex format.
– Added the possibility to prevent the plugin to be loaded (hold L trigger) while starting a game, or load the light version of cfe (hold R trigger) so extra slim memory is not used, preventing some plugins (pspstates) to not work.