Sony PSP developer GENyUS has released a new version of his Custom Firmware for Sony PSP 1000 and 2000 (non-TA-088v3) users. This new CFW supports all the functions of the official firmware 5.50 with Pops and ISO support. Today they have also released build 4 of CFW 5.50GEN-A to fix the PSN network bug issue.


Support for functions of official Firmware 5.50
Functions standby reset and Pandora have been removed
The plug-in Bubbletune to classify games according to category was deleted
Patch Slim Colors Bubbletunes was deleted
The pops is functional (emulation of PS1 games to work)
The custom firmware 5.50GEN-A supports the launch of ISO and of PS1 games
Popsloader and all plugins are normally incurred.
The option “hide your MAC address is always available in the recovery

Note: DO NOT attempt to flash or install CFW 5.50 GEN-A on a PSP-3000 or TA-088v3 hand-held. You will render your PSP a useless brick.

Thanks to brakken / for the newstext and the news itself!