DaedalusX64 is the continuation of the original Daedalus PSP port by StrmnNrmn. It is a GPL Open Source project.


[!] Fixed crash when loading 2nd ROM on Phat (Kreationz)
[+] Roms up to 16Mb loaded into Slim Memory (Kreationz)
[-]Removed Double Display Lists (To be replaced with proper paging code)(Kreationz)
[-]Temporarily Removed DynarecLoopOptimisation (Causes most games to crash under current CPU code)(Kreationz)
[+] Added resources from upgrade in prep for new GUI(No Lite version for future releases(Kreationz)
[~] Fixed typos in rom.ini (Salvy)
[~] Added 2 games to rom.ini (Salvy)
[!] Compiler shouldn’t make too much noise now (ex:blendmodes)(Salvy)
[!] Fixed performance decrease per game loaded.(Salvy)
[!] updated intrafont to 0.31, contains various bug fixes and enhancements(Salvy)
[+]Added blendmodes: (Salvy)
*Zelda Oot:
Big tree on Kokiri Forest is now rendered
Hearts should blend better now, (still WIP)
Rupees show up better. (Wally/Salvy)
*Batman Beyond
Characters, enemies,foes, and other things should show up now
*Pilot Wings
Beaches should blend correctly
*Super Bowling 64
Needs more work, but now should be more “playable”
[~] Move RSP logic out of CPU core(Howard0su)
[!] Change KnownValue of a register from s32 to REG32. So that we can cleanup the code a bit(Howard0su)
[~] Simplify the logic to handle register cache in LoopOptimization(Howard0su)
[~] Cleanup the logic for JAL, JALR in the PSP code generator(Howard0su)
[~] Simplify the parameters for GenerateCode.
[+] Delay initialize MediaEngine. So that we can suspend if we don’t use Async Sound. (If you use async sound once, before you exit to XMB, you can not suspend anymore.)(Howard0su)
[+] Improve Batch Test framework abit and bring it to PC platform(Howard0su)
[+] Declare MAKE_UNCACHED_PTR for PSP(Howard0su)
[+] Move all I/O access to Hardware component. (Merged from -N64 tree by Howard0su)

Thanks to http://www.aep-emu.de for the news!