DaedalusX64 is the continuation of the original Daedalus PSP port by StrmnNrmn and other contributors. It is a GPL Open Source project.


*Fixed GBI1_BranchZ, GBI2_BranchZ uCode commands (Fixes Crash on Pokemon Snap on Phat)
Rev. 406:
*Cleaned up some warnings;
*Reduced ROM Buffer on Slim to 8Mb;
*Fixed Speed regression in ROM Cache for Roms over 16Mb;
*Reworked Rom cache to provide slight speed increase;
*Optimized Buffers for stability (Needs testing on Phat);
Rev. 405:
*Forgot an include in Microcode.cpp;
Rev. 404:
*Fixed ucodes.txt being generated on every rom run. (Now Debug only and optional even then);
* Small sln change to ensure compatibility with modification on VC++ Express and in prep for new continuous integration (All Alphas will be posted after commit at the SF site soon.);
*Change version to Alpha for the SVN (No more need to change releases will get individual titling at release time.);
Rev. 403:
*Switched from JenkinsHash to two types of Murmur2Hash (Using endian neutral hash for persistent hashes non byte fiddled textures, otherwise using faster non neutral method);
*Added improved auto uCode detection (Works better with unknown roms, but may break some games needs testing);
*Using smaller ROMFileCache to save memory;
*Commented out added commands from Rev 402 @ Salvy’s request (Will be restored once purpose is known and can be tested);
Rev. 402:
*Implemented SetConvert, SetKeyR, SetKeyGB.[Wally and Salvy]

Thanks to http://www.tehskeen.com for the news.