DaedalusX64 is the continuation of the original Daedalus PSP port by StrmnNrmn and other contributors. It is a GPL Open Source project.

Release notes:

[=>] Merged from Dev branch:

Rev 416 – Corn
[!] Fixed CPU clipping (used for reference and is ~5% slower than VFPU)
[!] Fixed Kirby blend and removed offending blend for Rocket-robot on wheels (tnx Bdcanay)
[!] Disabled Loop Opt for Rocket-Robot on wheels
Rev 417 – Corn
[!] Optimized CPU and VFPU VectorClip
[!] Reduced max number of clipped verts to 192 from 1024 (saving some memory)
Rev 418 – Corn
[!] Use another(faster) way to front/back face cull to avoid using 1/w for the cross product.
[!] small update/boost to reference CPU clip.
[!] optimized both VFPU and CPU clip flag generation
[+] added hack to make memory opt work in PD
Rev 419 – Salvy
[+] Add back compile option to disable VFPU code(Note : Not all VFPU code is suppressed yet)
Rev 420 – Corn
[!] fixed compiler adding more mults than needed for front/back face culling test
[!] fixed all compile warnings in release mode
Rev 421 – Salvy
[!] Optimized LoadFPR_Long
[!] Don’t use pspFpuFloatToDouble (adds too much bloat and is only used by a few games, anyways I doubt it helps at all..)
[!] Small optimization in TLBP
Rev 422 – Salvy
[!] Forgot this
Rev 424 – Corn
[!] Various improvements and simplifications in TnL of Conker and PD
Rev 426 – Salvy
[!] Simplified set/fetch ucode names
[!] Patch ucode name tables to create custom name tables (Dlist dumps of custom ucodes are accurate now)
[+] Added GBI1_S2DEX ucode name table
Rev 427 – Corn
[!] fixed dlist debug text and warnings
Rev 428 – Salvy
[!] Clean ups in DLParser_SetUcode
[~] Reverted change from 421, was breaking several games (thx re4thewin for reporting it)