DaedalusX64 is the continuation of the original Daedalus PSP port by StrmnNrmn and other contributors. It is a GPL Open Source project.

Release notes:

Revision: 473
Author: Salvy
[~] Simplified ObjLoadTxtr abit
Revision: 472
Author: Corn
[!] Optimized Yoshi memrect for a small speed up when moving
[!] Fixed compile warning in S2DEX
Revision: 471
Author: Salvy
[!] forgot this
Revision: 470
Author: Salvy
[+] Implemented S2DEX ObjRectangleR (untested, I can’t find any game taht uses it.. but it should work fine)
Note : All S2DEX funcs are now implemented, S2DEX is fully supported 🙂
Revision: 469
Author: Salvy
[+] Implemented S2DEX ObjRectangle (Pokemon Puzzle League is now playable) Note : You need a savestate to get in game
[!] Refactor S2DEX codebase (bye bye redundant code)
[!] Several clean ups in S2DEX
Revision: 468
Author: Corn
[!] fixing a blend to make sun rays transparent in XG2
Revision: 467
Author: Corn
[!] Semi fixed Extreme-G2 with a hack(does not clear zbuffer and uses setprimdepth on geometry)
[!] Made old TMEM implementation compatible with recent changes in S2DEX
[!] Big overhaul on Debug Dlist formating to make it easier to read
Revision: 466
Author: Salvy
[+] Implemented S2DEX ObjSprite (Bomberman 64 – The Second Attack! is now playable)
Revision: 465
Author: Corn
[!] Improved texture check accuracy for Yoshi
[!] small speed up for texture check
Revision: 464
Author: Corn
[!] Fixed broken sprites in Yoshi
Revision: 463
Author: Salvy
[!] Optimized Draw2DTextureR and Draw2DTexture
[!] Remove 4:3 viewport fix for S2DEX, no longer needed
Revision: 462
Author: Salvy
[!] Implemented proper sprite rotation (Fully fixes all the issues I had in Yoshi yay, also animations work now)
[+] Added blendmode for dust in Yoshi
Note : Rendering is now complete for Yoshi \o/
Note(2) : For some reasons one vertice is missing :/, will figure out later..
Revision: 461
Author: Corn
[!] Fix for TUC in OOT and MM
[!] Simplified S2DEX checks in GBI2
Revision: 460
Author: Salvy
[!] Videos, cut scenes etc are now rendered in Neon Evangelion, also fixes crash in intro, as well as several glitches in game.
PS: Rendering is now complete for this game 🙂
Revision: 459
Author: Corn
[~] some clean up in Audio List code
[~] some clean up in PSPrenderer
Revision: 458
Author: Corn
[!] Fix for Yoshi audio (tnx Salvy for tracking it down)
Revision: 457
Author: Salvy
[+] Implemented S2DEX ObjLdtxRect (Draws the Intro logo, (cool)command screen and HUD in Neon Evangelion)
[+] Enabled calls to ObjMtx and SubMtx ucode used by Neon Evangelion
[!] ALLOW GBI2 to use S2DEX ObjLdtxRect
Revision: 456
Author: Salvy
[!] Fixed crash in yoshi when pressing R
[!] Fixed 4:3 mode not working in S2DEX
Revision: 455
Author: Salvy
[+] Implemented S2DEX ObjLdtxSprite (this renders pretty much everything in Yoshi) – Yoshi is now playable \o/
Note : Sprites are inverted, will figure out later
Revision: 454
Author: Salvy
[+] Implemented S2DEX ObjMoveMem (Used for sprite rotation)
[+] Implemented S2DEX ObjLdtxRectR (renders text, smoke, and items in Yoshi)
[!] Replace texture->Touch() with texture->UpdateIfNecessary() in S2DEX (Corn)
Revision: 453
Author: Corn
[+] Add correct triangle culling for DKR (speed up)
[+] Blendmodes for DKR car slids and plane streamers
Revision: 452
Author: Corn
[!] proper blend for Mario Kart 64 (see balloons at race start among other things)
Revision: 451
Author: Corn
[+] Fixed texture update/purging with hash
[+] Added blendmode to MK64
[!] changed buttons in Debug Dlist single stepping frames->(SELECT) Exit debug->(HOME)
Revision: 450
Author: Corn
[!] Small speed up avoiding doing texture hash twice if a texture needs updating
[!] Avoid reloading textures used by S2DEX if still in use.
[!] Avoid scaling down temporary texture buffer below 128kB (should be ok for most games)
Revision: 449
Author: Salvy
[!] Allow GBI2 to use S2DEX ObjLoadTxtr
Revision: 448
Author: Salvy
[!] Fixed bgcopy
Revision: 447
Author: Corn
[+] Added hack for more thorough texture check in Yoshi
[!] WIP for S2DEX
Revision: 446
Author: Salvy
[!] Fixed Yoshi BG stretching in the edges (I’m sure BGCopy is now broken, I’ll fix it later :P)
[!] Use old texture update (temporarily)(slow as hell), pretty much to show up Yoshi BG is rendered perfectly