DaedalusX64 is the continuation of the original Daedalus PSP port by StrmnNrmn and other contributors. It is a GPL Open Source project.

Release notes:

Rev 866 – Salvy
[+] Added QuickRead16Bits/QuickWrite16Bits (will start optimizing oshle functions more aggressively soon)
[!] Optimized osViSwapBuffer
Rev 867 – Salvy
[!] Fixed bug in memcpy_vfpu_swizzle when size is less than what we are aligning to
[!] Some optimizations to osStartThread
Rev 868 – Salvy
[!] Make sure FlashRead/Write regions are valid
Rev 869 – Corn
[!] Freed usage of T0/T1 registers in Dynarec. temp regs are now A0/A1 & V0/V1 (A2/A3 are still not freed but are unused)
[!] Use of two scratch registers in the CPU register struct for easy storage of temp variables (mainly used in Dynarecstubs.S)
Rev 870- Salvy
[!] Some clean ups
[!] Made guRotateF and volatile memory platform independent
[!] Check for invalid reads/writes to PIF
Rev 871 – Corn
[+] Added storing and displaying previews to Save States (Uses a 128kByte buffer)
Rev 872- Salvy
[!] Used a temporal buffer for storing screenshots for savestates
[!] Take savestate screenshot after the next frame rather than storing it in a buffer
[!] Optimized Patch_osCreateThread
Rev 873- Salvy
[!] Fixed bug with savestate screenshot when having more than 64 more folders (Corn)
[+] Added Azimer’s DK64 hack(DK64 boots now, make sure to have Double Display List off)
[!] Set EEPROM4k for DK64 (fixes hang when entering main menu in DK64)
Rev 874- Salvy
[~] Forgot this…
Rev 875- Salvy
[!] Use PSP’s wsbw opcode for swapping four bytes in a 32bit value
Rev 876- Salvy
[!] Just call builtin_bswap32