Here comes a rather sad story from the guys at, concerning a well known company, but read on:

You’ve probably already seen the news that Datel are selling a clone of the Pandora battery. You may even have been excited by their marketing information:

“Special TOOL version of our PSP battery works in exactly the same way as a standard SONY PSP battery but has the ability to put your PSP into service mode for custom firmware use.”

You might have thought that this means that you no longer need a homebrew PSP to be able to get started with Pandora. Unfortunately, you’d be wrong. And Datel don’t seem to be in any hurry to put you right.

This product is useful, in that it allows you to skip the step of needing a homebrew PSP to modify an existing battery. It even comes in a nice fire engine red colour, so you don’t get it confused with your other batteries. And it’s not a bad price. But you still need a homebrew PSP to create the files to place on the memory stick. Without the special memory stick, Pandora is useless. And no-one is able to legally give you the files required to prepare that stick without a homebrew PSP.

When you buy the TOOL battery, you get just the battery. No instructions, no indication that you even need a memory stick, let alone how to prepare it. Datel seem to be happy to let the buyer make the mistake of thinking this is all they need, and they don’t even help you figure things out once you realise your mistake. I think that’s pretty crappy, and relying on the community to do their customer support for them is rotten.