Dementia is a puzzle game, although quite an abstract one at that. The aim of the game is to make all the squares on the grid turn yellow through clicking the squares in the grid, although this is much more easily said tha done, as if you click a square not only will it change colours, but so will everything around it. If its red it turns yellow and vice versa.


– This version sports an extra 30 levels on top of the 50 from the last version. there are now 80 levels in the game.
– This version has been modified to externalize the levels from the game, meaning that level packs are supported now. I no longer have to make a full releases to add levels.
– The pesky inverse menu has been fixed, sorta. I had a lot of complaints about it, so I’ve put in the option to have it normal if you wish.
– I’ve edited the saving system so that we should end up with fewer lost game saves. If you do happen to lose your game, all you need to do is edit LEVEL.txt to say where you were up to, although its pretty sad to edit this unnessecerily.
– The 2nd fade in glitch at the start has been fixed up so to speed up the introduction and avoid annoyance.
– A new fade effect was implemented alongside the orginal for an extra special effect, lol.
– We’ve edited some of the credit screen and text on how to play the game to remove typos and wrong information. Sorry about that.
– We’ve now fixed the level numbering, in the case that is messed up having passed level 31. The level jumps have also been fixed.
– Fixed the glitch where the music stopped playing during or after the credits, I don’t know what caused it, but whatever it was seems to have gone now.
– All of the credits and instruction screens have been remade, to be a lot less flashy, yet a lot more readable. Sorry for the quality loss, but we believe this is for the best.
– The quality loss of the music during the fades was looked into, although it can’t be fixed easily. For now, it looks like we’re just going to have to put up with it.