DJ Drops is a musical puzzle game where you have to clear levels by resisting until the end of the song.

Release notes:

Hello everyone!

I’m releasing today my certainly last build of DJ Drops, which I still haven’t finished. The thing is, I won’t have time to work on it anymore so I’m giving it as is.

What’s inside the demo:
Everything I’ve ever made for Mega Drops (1 & 2) and the levels I was working on for DJ Drops:
* Mega Drops: levels “Frozen”, “DJ Beat” and “Mechanical Groundwork”
* Mega Drops 2: levels “Tetris”, “Project Sexy” (slightly improved) and “8 bits”
* DJ Drops:
The only level I consider finished is called “Underwater”, this one is fun!
The other almost finished level is “S Soup”; gameplay is 100% done.
The other levels are either missing graphics or gameplay:
Graphics-less levels (playable): “Turn and Burn” and “Voltigeur”
Graphics-less levels (unplayable): “Bioteck Projekt” and “Mu Song”
Gameplay-less levels (ie unplayable): “Cathedral” and “Chiptunes”

The futur of DJ Drops:
As I said, I don’t have time to work on it anymore, so for the PSP it is very unlikely that you’ll see a new release after that one. That being said, I’m giving the sources so anyone is free to continue developping it (I doubt this will happen, but it would be great!).
For those who like the game, don’t worry too much. In fact I’ve been asked to develop a bit on another platform; and I want to adapt DJ Drops on it. I have to start almost from scratch again, but if I come up with something good I will (at last!) have a designer to help me with gfx. It will just take a long time…

I was working on the “replay game” feature when I stopped, so it might not work as expected in some levels, and not at all on others. If you see it doesn’t work, return in the main menu and reload the level completely.
The download is pretty huge; well sorry but there is a lot of music in there.

Have fun.

Thanks to for the news.