Ebootr is a replacement for PBP Unpacker. It was written in C# against the .NET 3.5 Runtime.

Release notes:

*** WARNING ***
This is BETA QUALITY SOFTWARE. Because I am human, I make misteaks, and because I make mistakes, there will be bugs that pop up from time to time. So far, I’ve had no problems generating valid EBOOTs. Test your EBOOTs before you distribute them if you make them with my app! I take no responsibility for any damage that may result from using this, kay?

Back for another round of AWESOME. Ebootr round 2 is here, and better than ever.

I’ve updated the interface a little, and fixed some things.
Read the documentation from the help menu for the complete changelog, but here’s the basic gist:

– Fixed some bug where when you save the same file you’d get an overwrite message, but the Eboot stored in memory would still be lashed to the open tab (via a file handle) and it would crash. Thanks Yammata684 for the bug report
– Made saving a bit more… tolerable. I’m working on something behind the curtains, but dont worry it wont break anything.
– Checking against the MAGIC bytes of several files (Everything but DATA.PSAR)
– warning if there is no Data.PSP and Param.SFO (I force making “playable” pbp’s)
– warning if SND0.AT3 and ICON1.PMF are too big (>500K, give or take)
– Added warning of “You really want to exit?” when you hit exit or try to close the window.