“Edward Nigma: Fantastic Fanboy” is a visual media text-type video game developed by Team Zero.


Edward Nigma is based around debate/information gamplay. This game is completely presented in 2d and using manga/comic-like sprites. Where the user would navigate Edward around a convention to interact with other characters. Some of whom would be friendly and others, fanatical fanboys, be hostile towards the player. Edward would have to do battle with these “fanboys” to defend his honor. Topics would stem from a wide selection of subjects in Popular Culture. The story itself is based on the fan-fictionalized adventures of a young, Edward Nigma, who would later be known as The Riddler from Batman fame. This is of course a demo of what we have outlined and don’t plan on going further at this very moment, due to time and cost restrictions. We very much hope you enjoy the work we have put together on this project and have fun.

Edward is a product tester of new nano-technology, developed by WayneTech, he is sent to Japan to deliver the now tested and approved final build of the techology for final production. Nigma being the nerd at heart, takes advantage of the situation, and decides to use the trip as an excuse to travel around Japan to fulfill his fanboy fantasies.

These adventures have him going to Anime Conventions, Marketplaces and other locals in search of all things nerdy.

Thanks to www.dcemu.co.uk / www.tehskeen.com for the news.