Hellcat has updated the “Extended Pandora Bootmenu”. It’s key features are:

* Choose to boot firmware from memory stick, internal flash or the original Pandora mainmenu
* Fix flash1:/ (the one holding the settings and config) by formatting it and creating all directories
* Launch an additional application (PSPFiler or such) with working access to the real flash0:/
* Launch custom firmware installer (OE / M33) with working flash0:/ access, so it can install the CFW straight from a Pandora boot without the need to downgrade to 1.50 first, no matter of the current state (and version) of the internal flash.
* The paths to execute for flash0-app and CFW installer can be set with the buildin filebrowser
* You can configure a default option that is automatically executed when the WLAN switch is set to ON at startup. (By default there is no action taken)
* Access flash0:/, flash1:/ or memory stick via USB (straight from the menu)