ExultPSP is a port of Exult v2.1 ( http://exult.sourceforge.net ) which is a framework that allows you to play one of the greatest CRPGs of all time, Ultima VII. It requires you to have the original game(s), Black Gate/Forge of Virtue and/or Serpent Isle/Silver Seed, as it recreates Ultima VII by using the original graphics and data files. ExultPSP does not include these for legal reasons. Please do not ask for them.


– Significant improvement on analog nub control.
– New scheme has 4 radial zones, floating point mouse coords + vector calc for a much smoother experience and a greater range of motion.
– Ingame controls also add a new toggle: Left Trigger + Right Trigger: will toggle an even slower mouse mode allowing those players with less than stellar analog nubs to be able to finely move and grab very small objects (individual coins, rings) with little or no problems, as well as manipulate tiny switches, etc. Hitting L+R again will go back to normal mouse mode. The toggle works while holding objects as well; grab a ring in the slower/finer mode, toggle while still holding SQUARE (left mouse), and zip it away!