Bomberman-inspired MMORPG.


0) Tag (EBOOT images)
3) Add bombom planting (Lobby = no bombom planting) (requires #33)
11) Add temporary time out to prevent users from clicking [Submit] in the menu like mad
17) Add collision map loading server side
20) Add time indep. movement by getting the ticks in the game_think function
24) Add colors to chat text to denote when server speaks, you speak, and others speak (changed my mind, not going to implement this)
28) Add player dying.
29) Add background to help tint areas around text to be easier to read.
32) Add player radius check in collision detection, instead of just the center.
33) Add place item packet
34) Remove the player misalign hack
35) Add player respawn time out and selection (requires #17)
41) Add ?, /, ‘, :, and a bunch of other missing ASCII keys to the OSK; Note: |~[]{} are not on OSK cause they’re game-reserved keys!
42) Promote chat messages to TPC-over-UDP (some may notice that some messages get lost; this is due to me using a lossy send mode for chats.)
43) Implement sgl_splitSprite() for drawing large textures as split chunks (speed boost)
46) Fix issue where, a player goes to another map, their X/Z coords are changed to match the ‘door’ of the new map, yet this change is visible for a few seconds on the old map.
47) Phase out “POLL_EVENT” packet, and replace it with anti-cheat server-side version.
49) Read events from the ESM map and not hard coded into the server
53) Add setExp server command