This is a relatively fast Mandelbrot set fractal explorer. You can move left, right , up, down, and zoom in & out of the image you see at any time. The fractal universe is limitless, and you can zoom in as many times as you like without losing any detail. You can also save an image to Memory Stick.

Release note:

Hi Guys,

This is my fifth release of Fractal Universe for the Sony Playstation Portable. Fractal Universe is a fractal explorer that supports both Mandelbot and Julia sets. You can move and zoom in & out of the image you see at any time.

An overlay viewfinder window has been implemented since V3 that lets the user zoom into any particular spot in the image they want. This saves a lot of rendering time.

The last new feature for V5 release is the all important colour cycling feature.

Features and functionality of this program are based on an old Amiga fractal explorer I used to play with. Writing this program has been a fun and nostalgic experience

YouTube Demo Video:

Download Backup link:

Cheers, Art.