FreePlay presents FreeRadio – a completely serverless radio player portal for Firmware 3.80.


fixed the readme… this ain’t 2007 anymore 🙂
Added support for user themes, based on cascading stylesheets. To make a theme, create a file called ‘user_theme.css’ in the RadioPersonalize folder and edit it with any text editor. It’s a standard CSS stylesheet, so if you don’t know about CSS, it’s time to learn 🙂 There are a few special pieces of the page which can be themed individually:
‘bg’: The background image.
‘meta’: The bar at the top of the screen that displays the current stream info.
‘stopbutton’: The ‘stop playback’ button.
To theme these pieces, make sure their name is preceded by a ‘#’ in the user_theme.css file; this is how CSS knows it’s a page element that has a specific ID. If you’re confused, check out the example user_theme.css file; it’s a copy of default the ‘bg’, ‘meta’, and ‘stopbutton’ theme settings.