FreePlay presents FreeRadio – a completely serverless radio player portal for Firmware 3.80.


Added support for custom plugins. Included an example – a two-channel equalizer that displays beneath the ‘stop’ button. For an example of how plugins work, open X:radiopluginsequalize r.plugin in your favorite text editor.
Plugins are self-contained JavaScript files, so if you’re any good with that, you can easily make your own plugins. FreeRadio will automatically load any plugin files stored in the X:radioplugins folder with a filename ending in ‘.plugin’. The only requirements for a plugin are ‘load’ and ‘start’ functions and a variable named ‘started’. The rest is up to you.
Plugins are only loaded in the Shoutcast, Stream, and Playlist views; this is because rest either don’t play audio or might not always look the same (since podcasts and RSS can use HTML).
The web browser and bookmark links now open in a new tab, rather than the current one.