Game&Watch Fantasies is a puzzle/platform game for the PSP, inspired by the Game&Watch LCD games.

Rule #1
Like in a Game&Watch, the hero moves discontinuously. Therefore, he can “teleport” through thin obstacles by simply walking or jumping. However, the gravity doesn’t allow him to do so: it is impossible to go through an obstacle when falling.

Rule #2
If the obstacle is too large, the hero will move until he touches it. This property can be used to adjust his horizontal or vertical position, depending on the situation.

Every time the hero steps to the left / right or jumps, a beep can be heard. The aim of the game is to go through all the levels while producing as few beeps as possible.

Design and development: Mia
Library: OSLib
Original tileset: Jay
Music: Telepopmusik – “Breathe”