Here is a new version of silmarilion’s music player GameMusicGear MX.


+ add new in_ac3 input plugins.
+ add new in_stream (vgmstream) input plugin. Will be used by default over in_cube.
+ add new in_aac (aac, mp4, m4a) input plugin.
+ add new in_hvl (hvl, ahx) input plugin.
+ ADD Support for 8000, 11050, 12000, 16000, 22050, 24000, 32000, 44100, 48000 sampling rates. Note: If the song sampling rate doesn’t match one of those values exactly the closer frequency value will be used.
* fix crash when pressing circle button on an empty playlist.
* fix crash when pressing up/down buttons on an empty settings list in the config screen.
* fix equalizer left channels was not working.
* fix FLAC seek functions was broken.
* fix in config screen sometimes the left/right trigger icons and left/right pad icons were wrong.
* fix in_modplug settings were being ignored.
* fix in_modplug seek function was broken.
* fix in_mad seek function was buggy.
* fix crash when in_modplug couldn’t handle a song.
* fix crash when trying to play a sid song if no songlengths database was found.