Here is a new version of silmarilion’s music player GameMusicGear MX.


+ add: New in_sap plugin based on ASAP engine by Piotr Fusik.
+ add: Scrolling text in playlist for large file names/titles.
+ add: Some gfx changes and new icon, specially in the config app.
+ add: Texture compression using libtxc_dxtn library by Roland Scheidegger and Franck Charlet to save some space: dxt1, dxt3 and dxt5 modes available.
+ add: New volume boost algorithm with +3, +6 and +9 dB amplification. You can change it pressing CROSS + ANALOG UP/DOWN. ** USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK **
+ add: Improved the in_psf plugin, several types of reverb and interpolation were added and should sound more like the real psx. If you find some heavy track you can try changing this settings.
+ add: Improved visual plugins!.
* fix: Increased heap size of in_gme.prx because some vgm files were not working, thanks to Marcus Vinícius for pointing that one.
* fix: Increased the size of the song info and picture in fullscreen visualizer.
* fix: Replaced a lot of global variables in the main app to improve performance and stability of the app.
* fix: Load from zip, rar, etc. is now working with psf, minipsf and vgz plugins. Except for some large rar files.
* fix: Real sleep mode is now working :).
– del: Removed fade support since i changed the sound boost algorithm.