Here is a new version of silmarilion’s music player GameMusicGear MX.


+ add: New Capcom’s QSound (QSF) plugin based on the Audio Overload SDK by R. Belmont and Richard Bannister. NOTE: The plugin has no compressed support yet and takes around 10 seconds to load a song :(.
+ add: Testing new HOLD Mode: when you press the hold switch the screen automatically will turn off, and all the GU operations will be stoped. This will help some CPU heavy plugins, like in_psf and in_uade. But I still need to make it compatible with the remote.
+ add: Option to remove items from playlist browser. Must open the browser and press R to switch to playlist.
+ add: Save playlist feature with a simple text input dialog :).
+ add: Added 22 Khz downsample option to in_psf so most soundtracks can be played without lag (but i recommend using the HOLD Mode for that purpose). You can enable it in the input plugins setup screen.
+ add: Updated blargg’s File_Extractor library to version 1.0.0. Wich allows faster browsing of compressed files. And now some large rar files can be decompressed (tested some psf soundtracks around 20 MB). NOTE: Big compressed files can take several seconds to decompress.
+ add: Updated adplug core to version 2.2.
+ add: Updated vgmstream core to revision 734. And renamed in_stream plugin to in_vgmstream to be more specific. NOTE: I have not written all vgmstream supported formats in the in_vgmstream.plugin file since there are a LOT of formats now, I just put some for testing purposes, so you have to add them manually.
+ add: Release source code of plugins based on GPL and other licenses that require release of source code. The archive is called gmgear_plugins_src.7z
* fix: Increased priority of audio thread and reduced cpu rate of most plugins. The gui became a little slower but i guess it’s worth it since most plugins works around 122 Mhz now :).
* fix: Fixed several bugs in in_psf with some soundtracks: Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger, Popolocrois, Brave Fencer Musashi, and some others. Most soundtracks should play fine now :). If you find a track that doesn´t work please let me know.
* fix: Fixed a bug in in_vgm (in_gme.prx) when loading a compressed vgz file from a subfolder.
* fix: in_psf not properly stopping when changing song.
* fix: Bug in when reaching the bottom of the playlist.
* fix: skin file was missing in previous release, sorry.