Here is a new version of silmarilion’s music player GameMusicGear.


+ add support for 48 khz songs.
+ add new default ‘greymax’ skin made by maxo.
+ add display of album art found in song’s folder (AlbumArtSmall.jpg, Folder.jpg, …).
+ add visualizer selector in fullscreen mode.
+ add display of play time and song info in fullscreen mode.
+ add support for 32 bit BMP graphics.
+ add support for psp internal font format through intraFont by BenHur.
+ add in_cube input plugin.
+ add in_uade input plugin.
+ add in_sc68 input plugin.
+ add new vis_blast visual plugin.
+ add new vis_lyrics visual plugin.
+ add display of main volume graphics.
* fix rar (and rsn) files are handled correctly now.
* fix memory bug when playing compressed files.