Goblins PSP will allow you to perform backups of data on your memory stick, load and / or delete the backup of your UMD, launch programs like the RemoteJoy and USBIsolader, update your Custom Firmware and manage your plugins.


– If you are upgrading from a version lower than v2.0.0.0 you must remove GoblinPSP
– Improved management of the icons assigned to the PSP visible in “My Computer”
– Added icons
– Management of 2 additional colors GoblinPSP: Standard Color (color of the windows operating system), Color Blue, Color Bordeaux
– Improved the creation of the Directory of Saving the Backup User memory (by doing more administrative panel)
– Improved the creation of the Directory of Saving Rescue User (browse by Administrative Panel)
– Possibility to choose the order of appearance in the PSP programs in the folders GAME (all directories) and ISO (file. ISO. CSO). It is not yet possible to use this application with the plugin to split files into categories, but you can move applications to folders standards (ISO and GAME) choosing the order and then reinsert the plug-in folders
– Fixed the library dell’Usb Iso Mode
– Fixed the closure of RemoteJoy with GoblinPSP
– Auto-search for new versions of GoblinPSP
– Auto-import of CF lists via button in “Manage Custom Firmware”
– Auto Download Files (Firmware / Custom Firmware) in a temporary folder. To continue with the upgrade / installation of Custom Firmware unpack archives as in earlier versions (THE ARCHIVES ARE MADE AVAILABLE BY WWW.PSP-ITA.COM)
– Ability to site navigation WWW.PSP-ITA.COM and portal through GoblinPSP Tool including GoblinPSP
– For new features Download / Search / Shipping you need at least Internet Explorer 6

Thanks to http://www.tehskeen.com for the news.