Here comes another product from Art called GoCam Effect Demo.

Release notes:

Here’s a demo that shows colour inverted output from the GoCam on the PSP screen in real time, as well as two other colour effects. This is based on the Chotto cam sample at It does nothing else, no saving of photo or video, just an experiment done with the same sample I started on for Laser Invaders.

I considered making a GoCam program around the time I did Laser Invaders, but don’t imagine I’ll continue what I originally had in mind. I might do something that responds to visual or audio ques to take photos because the PSP is in a case and I need a way to start and stop underwater.

And an entirely unrelated YouTube video shot underwater! 😀 The whole PSP and GoCam in a Pelican case is submerged, and the camera is viewing through the polycarbonate lid:

Cheers, Art.