Welcome to Sushi Island. As an aspiring Mage Master, your mission is to collect and train a party of up to 6 low level mages and eventually win the Sushi Island Tournament. Thus rescuing your kingdom from your traitor of a brother.

You start with one of 29 Mage Apprentices and through battles of skill and strength, you can upgrade their experience points, gradually growing stronger and stronger mages until you are ready to enter the tournament for the top prize of the Sushi Cup.


– added trainers who guide you through the whole Mage Master experience.
– fixed underpowered spells from increasing your opponent’s health. It now says
attack was ineffective.
– moved game save to START so that those O saving loops go away
– use O to exit from battle preparation screens.
– all new mage upgrades now happen at green or white training centres
– rearranged the order of the training centres to have a more natural flow around the road, and switched the game save format. The order is now: white, yellow, red, blue, black (tournament) and green. Please consider restarting your game, I load, but don’t gurantee the integrety of your old games.

Thanks to http://www.tehskeen.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=12304 for the news.