Nielkie has updates his “The Super Special Awesome Helicopter Game Clone”.


New Features:
* Menu-ish thing.
* Multiple selectable crafts. (Helicopter, Planet Express Ship, F-22 and Superman)
* Multiple selectable difficulties. (Easy, Hard an Original (Where I tried to make it as close to the original game as possible, but it turned out to have an entirely different feel to it, so I couldn’t put it with the others.)
* In-game MP3 Playback (Put MP3’s in The game’s directory, and cycle through them with L and R) (Sample Included 😉 ). (The downside to this is that to make the music play distortion-free I needed to chock the processor up to 333mhz.)
* The game will now save you best score to a file, so it will still be there after exiting the game.

Bug fixes:
* The gap in which to fly no longer gets smaller and smaller to a point where your craft does not even fit.

* Wall generation code now much smother.
* Doubled the frequency of obstacles.