Tim Willhack has finally released Hexaxis XXI Update #8! The homebrew puzzle game with the great visuals, great music, etc..

Thanks to darthpaul & http://dcemu.co.uk for the news.


– Added Unique 3D menu system
– Added 3 modes
1. Standard (With Preview)
2. Advanced (No Preview and faster)
3. Quick Run (3 minutes)
– Zipped content is under 14megs! ~17.5 megs unzipped (thats less than the last update with less content)
– Added High Score table with Score, Level and Highest Multiplier and Verification code for each mode
– Added 2 new levels Sleepy Spudgy and Tornado Card (Removed Hippie Tie Die)
– Added Logo and Menu Music
– Added Rotating Level Select Menu with mp3 preview and background / color preview
– Added fonts with shadows for menu and HUD
– New Pause Screen allows you to change the level without restarting or go back to main menu without losing the running game
– A ton of new transitions from everything from the logo to the pause screen
– Much cleaner and readable HUD during gameplay, including keeping the multipliers off unless you have them
Square button is another turbo button but half way between turbo and regular speed
– If you put a dice down and it resets to the top, you have to let go of down before the dice will move down unless you are holding up
– If you put a 1 down, its bad! The grid will fade out so you can barely see the dice until you put another down, this is meant to screw you up
– Fixed very major bugs with the combo / multiplier system getting stuck
– Added Drop combos, Wipe Combos, and total multiplier (all of them added up)
– Added Verification codes which are unique to each mode,score and multiplier to stop cheating
– If you are in a game, if you try to start over it asks if you are sure before restarting
– The further you get in the 2 main modes the faster everything goes
– Advanced mode starts faster than Standard
– Preview line is off for Advanced and Quick Run