Hexaxis XXI Update 9 has been finalized a while ago, but was not released to the publich, which changes by now.

Release notes:

Hey Guys!

I updated Hexaxis XXI a couple weeks ago but didn’t release it due to forgetfulness so here it is:

Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9OSoOco_2E
Download Link: http://www.madcents.com/HexaxisXXI9.zip

If you love this game – Please donate! Paypal: tim @ darksoft.net

Added 3 major items:
1. Help System
The help system is accessible anytime during play by pressing select. If you select the standard mode, it will already come up. To navigate simply use the left trigger and right trigger. There are 13 steps in the how to play steps. To hide simply press select again.

2. Pulsating Combo Dice
When you create a combo, the dice pulsate both in color and size to show when they are going to switch to red. This will help people to plan out their moves a bit more wiser.

3. 3 MORE LEVELS for a total of 7!!!
Space Dye Vest
Sleepy Spudgy
Tornado Card
Re-added Hippie Tie Die (Tie Die Hippie) with slightly different look
Re-added Mercury 42 with slightly better look
Added Big Business (one of my favorites!)

All the levels have their own music and background along with color scheme for the dice.