intraFont is a bitmap font library for PSP using the PSP’s internal font (firmware pgf files).


added support for Chinese (gb3s1518.bwfon): now all of the PSPs internal fonts are supported! (thanks to Tong for his help)
added libccc (my Character Code Conversion library) for string parsing/conversion:
it currrently supports decoding of UTF-8 and the following codepages: CP437 (US), CP850 (Multilingual Latin I), CP866 (Russian), CP932 (Japanese Shift-JIS), CP936 (Simplified Chinese GBK), CP949 (Korean), CP950 (Traditional Chinese Big5), CP1251 (Cyrillic) and CP1252 (Latin I)
it’s required by intraFont 0.30+ (simply add libccc.o to the OBJS list in your makefile)
if you don’t need any codepages: add -DLIBCCC_NO_CP to the CFLAGS in your makefile, which saves around 140kB of size/memory.
finally, it can be used independantly from intraFont for your own character conversion needs