intraFont is a bitmap font library for PSP using the PSP’s internal font (firmware pgf files).

Release notes:

With this update it’s possible to print a string with characters that are stored in different font files. I.e. you can mix latin, japanese, chinese, korean and symbol characters as you like. This is done by setting an alternative font with intraFontSetAltFont(). The alternative font is used in case the main font does not contain a certain glyph. (If you want to mix more than two fonts: you can set another alternative font for the alternative font and so on…)

intraFont 0.31 is also smaller than previous versions: libccc (the character code conversion library used by intraFont) is now able to decompress and use the firmwares own character code conversion tables. Decompression is done with the help of libLZR 0.11, which was released yesterday.

Finally, intraFont 0.31 fixes a bug in intraFontMeasureTextUCS2( ) that was introduced in version 0.30.