After more than six months here comes an update to iR Shell.


# Added support for Team M33’s newest custom firmware (See note 1). If you don’t want to update to M33, you will still be able to use this new release with older OE firmwares
# Launch and multi-task with PS1 games from within iR Shell (works also via USBhostFS and NetHostFS) (see note 2)
# Backup ISO plugins now integrated into iR Shell 1.5 EBOOT and 3.5x EBOOT (also supports USBhostFS and NetHostFS)
# Backup UMD Video ISO support (also supports USBhostFS and NetHostFS)
# Direct switching between 1.5 EBOOT and 3.5x EBOOT via new shortcut combo
# System-wide “Quick Exit” function to quickly shutdown games, homebrew etc and return to iR Shell
# Improved Autoboot to iR Shell plugin
# New Comic Reader plugin based on PSPComic for CBZ and CBR files by suloku – Original version by Archaemic
# Added the ability to flash/blink the menu highlighting cursor.
# Added support for adhoc PC nethostfs connection under 3.xx CFWs (some additional firmware files required)
# Added a new config item in configurator to turn on/off the Music button for screen capture.
# Other bugfixes and tiny improvements.