iR Shell v3.7 is a shell application for PSP.

New features:

* Added support for M33 3.71 CFW for PSP Phat.
* Screen redirection via Tyranid’s remotejoy. UMD Game compatibility has also been enhanced and save/load dialog boxes will no longer crash. Thanks to Tyranid for making this possible.
* 2 Player PSOne games via usbhostfs/nethostfs keypad direction using 2 PC joysticks/keyboard. Screen redirection via remotejoy is also supported for PSone games.
* Support for M33 popsloader when iR Shell running under M33 3.52 CFW. Only the latest verion popsloader is supported (that is, the one for pops from 3.00 to 3.52). All other previous versions of popsloader won’t work with iR Shell. If you’re running iR Shell under M33 3.71, the “POP Version” setting in iR Configurator is ignored. This is due to popsloader currently doesn’t work with M33 3.71 due to changing NIDs by Sony.
* Support for M33 UMD Video ISO feature under iR Shell File Browser. This will also work with USBHostFS & NETHostFS. Again, for legally owned backups only.
* The number of iR Shell EBOOTs for various firmwares have been consolidated into just 2. One for firmware 1.5, and the other for firmware 2.x/3.x. This should make it earier for users.
* A new autoboot seplugin is introduced to replace the old “irsfw30x.prx”. This plugin will work under all firmware versions, including 3.71.