The guys behind iR Shell released an important bugfix release…


Fixed a critical bug in the iR Shell firmware patch which results in unable to launch UMD in XMB and also causes various incompatibility issues with other homebrew apps & seplugins. Just apply the new patch and all issues will be resolved.
Fixed a bug in Contect Menu which wouldn’t allow you to choose “Select” or “Start” menu items.

Installation Instructions:
– If you’ve already installed iR Shell 3.8, download iR Shell 3.81 Update which only contains update files. Unzip it and merge to your existing iR Shell installation and apply the new firmware patch.
– If you haven’t installed iR Shell 3.8, download iR Shell 3.81 Full Release which is a complete distribution with all updates included. Then, install as usual, don’t forget to apply the firmware patch.

Download Links:
iR Shell 3.81 Update [500KB] (Download this if you’ve already installed 3.8) (mirror)

iR Shell 3.81 Full Release [26MB] (Download this if you haven’t installed 3.8) (mirror)